Strategic Planning Worksheet

This worksheet will help you plan across the seven elements of Community-Led Suicide Prevention. It will also help you link your community’s suicide prevention plans with the evidence-informed approaches in CDC’s Suicide Prevention Resource for Action. The example below shows a completed worksheet for a community with one population of focus; your community might have one, two, or three populations of focus, and a different number of objectives. You can download the worksheet and fill it out on a computer or print blank copies and write in your responses by hand. 

If you complete the worksheet digitally, please be sure to download and save a a copy of the worksheet on your local computer before filling in your information. This will keep you from losing the information you fill in.

You will get the most out of this worksheet if it is completed collaboratively by your local coalition, advisory board, or executive committee as you walk through the Community-Led Suicide Prevention Toolkit.

Strategies for Completing the Strategic Planning Worksheet as a Team:

  • Identify a subgroup of team members to take the lead in filling out the worksheet
  • Give each member of your team a digital or print version of the worksheet to look over during group discussion(s)
  • Identify a “note-taker” or person who will record the team’s decisions on a final/central copy of the worksheet
  • Set aside time for group discussion on each section of the worksheet
  • Review relevant key areas and steps in the CLSP Toolkit as you complete the worksheet. Consider asking group members to read the specific key areas and steps you will cover ahead of the related meeting.
  • You likely will not want to fill out the entire worksheet in one meeting. Plan on one section or fewer per meeting.
  • If you fill the worksheet out over multiple meetings, start each meeting with a brief overview of previous decisions before going on to the next area