Community-Led Suicide Prevention Specific Resources

Below you will find resources developed specifically for Community-Led Suicide Prevention (CLSP) and connected projects. They range from tools to navigate this site to ones to help grow your prevention efforts. Use these resources to help bring your CLSP work to life.
CLSP At A Glance
Community-Led Suicide Prevention At-A-Glance

This At-A-Glance sheet includes all seven elements, key areas, and steps of Community-Led Suicide Prevention (CLSP). It can be downloaded and printed to refer to as you use the CLSP Toolkit to plan your community’s suicide prevention work.

Strategic Planning Worksheet
Strategic Planning Worksheet

This worksheet will help you plan across the seven elements of Community-Led Suicide Prevention. It will also help you link your community’s suicide prevention plans with the evidence-informed approaches in CDC’s Suicide Prevention Resource for Action.

Addressing the Intersection of Suicide, Overdose, and Adverse Childhood Experiences
Addressing the Intersection of Suicide, Overdose, and Adverse Childhood Experiences: Guidance for Adapting Community-Led Suicide Prevention for Local Health Departments

This guidance document provides information for adapting the key elements of the Community-Led Suicide Prevention Toolkit to assist local health departments and partner organizations in taking a community-led approach to working at the intersection of suicide, overdose, and ACEs.

Getting Started Guide
Getting Started Guide: Community-Led Suicide Prevention is a step-by-step guide for community members on how to launch your local suicide prevention efforts.