About Community-Led Suicide Prevention

Community-Led Suicide Prevention helps communities come together to create and reach their suicide prevention goals. EDC provides step-by-step information, how-to tools, interactive training, and tailored coaching to support communities in achieving comprehensive suicide prevention. Learn more at EDC Solutions.


Community-Led Suicide Prevention is a project of Education Development Center (EDC). EDC advances lasting solutions to the most pressing educational, health, and workforce challenges across the globe. Our work is guided by evidence, empathy, and experience.

National Action Alliance

The Community-Led Suicide Prevention project and this Community-Led Suicide Prevention Toolkit were inspired by the report, Transforming Communities: Key Elements for the Implementation of Comprehensive Community-Based Suicide Prevention, developed by the Transforming Communities Priority Group of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention – the nation’s public-private partnership for suicide prevention.

This website was made possible by Cooperative Agreement #NU17CE924917, CFDA: 93.136 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through a subcontract from the Safe States Alliance. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official views of CDC or Safe States Alliance. To learn more about CDC’s suicide prevention efforts, visit their Comprehensive Suicide Prevention Program.

Project Staff

Julie Ebin, EdM, Project Director

Shawna Hite-Jones, MPH, MCHES, Senior Manager of Community Prevention

Laurie Rosenblum, MPH, Writer

Justin Davisson, BA, Research Assistant

Eleanor Dong, EdM, Research Associate

Digital Design Group:  Hemali Patel, BS; Patricia Konarski, BA; Meredith Boginski, BA

Technical Staff: Clare Crawford, EdM; Marshall Goff, BA; Moya Hynes, BA

Thank you to our advisors!

Ray Bailey, MS, Youth Suicide Prevention Program Manager, Utah Office of Substance Use and Mental Health

Elaine de Mello, LCSW, Director of Suicide Prevention Services, NAMI New Hampshire

Donna Dickman, OCPS, Director of Development for Prevention Awareness Support Services

Anne L. Geissinger, MPH, RDN, North Carolina Comprehensive Suicide Prevention Program Coordinator for the Division of Public Health

Jarrod Hindman, Chief Operating Officer, Sources of Strength

Kearee Jackson, BA, Good Behavior Game Director, Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network

Brandon Johnson, MHS, MCHES, Public Health Advisor, SAMHSA, Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS), Suicide Prevention Branch

Shelby Rowe (Chickasaw), MBA, Director, Suicide Prevention Resource Center, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Caroline Snyder, MPH, Director of Injury and Violence Prevention, National Association of County & City Health Officials

Shelli Stephens-Stidham, MPA, Senior Program Consultant, Safe States Alliance

Justin Thomas, LPC, Program Manager, Linn County Alcohol and Drug Program

WyKisha McKinney, MNM, Senior Project Lead, Zero Suicide Institute, EDC